Small Class Size

Our Classrooms

At Glendale Lutheran School, we believe that student engagement is the key to learning. As early as Kindergarten, our students move between classrooms, project teams, and specialty reading and math groups. Sitting anonymously in the back of a classroom isn't possible when students are working together in small groups. Our multi-age classrooms allow students to drive their own learning and reach for curriculum that isn't limited by strict grade levels.

Our Students
What are your child's strengths and special qualities? What goals and hopes do you have for your child's learning this year? With an average class size of just 16 students, your child will be truly known by their teachers. Academic expectations are established between students, teachers and parents. And while we do have high expectations, standardized testing is not how we measure success.

Our Community
The families at Glendale Lutheran School come from diverse backgrounds, income levels, and neighborhoods, which provides a culturally rich environment for all students. All our families share a desire to see their children excel in a safe, academically challenging, and faith-based school. Our students love and support their classmates and serve our surrounding community.