Curriculum & Approach

Glendale Lutheran School is an academically challenging school with heart! We believe in teaching hands-on science, music, art, drama, and PE. From Preschool through 8th grade, our students engage their minds and bodies, learning core math, history and language, by moving between work stations, curriculum-based classrooms, and project-based learning teams. Students are free to learn and soar at their own pace and the "sky is the limit" for our Glendale Eagles!

Academic Standards
Our small class size and low student to teacher ratio allow us to cover classroom material quickly leaving time for thorough exploration of subject matter topics and problems. These deep dives could result in a field trip, a school presentation, or a service project, but they always promote creative thinking and problem solving skills that are needed to be a life-long learner. By setting goals with teachers and parents, our students manage their own academic success and our teachers assess them during the learning process. Students are not just 'learning for a test'. Our students' success is also assessed and compared to Nationwide Standard tests to make sure we are high on the State standard's spectrum.

Multi-Age Classrooms
Multi-aged classrooms are used throughout our school, intentionally, to bring out the best in our students both academically and socially. This gives all our students the ability to excel individually, without strict grade-level boundaries. Our older students are given genuine leadership opportunities in the classroom while our younger students rise to the occasion of working with older classmates, helping to stretch them academically. Our students move between subject-enriched classrooms filled with resources, manipulatives and plenty of room to engage in project-based learning. You will find them collaborating and working together at all ages.

Focus on Reading Program
Starting in Pre-K, students begin regular visits to our Reading Room where we use reading games, personalized lessons and a phonics-based curriculum. Spending time with our reading teacher helps cement important foundational skills necessary for success in the Upper Grades and beyond. Children move through the lessons in small groups and continue practicing their phonics skills through the 2nd Grade.

Math Curriculum
With a combination of Common Core math curriculum and small group instruction, our math program focuses on Math Thinking. Students are challenged to apply their knowledge of mathematics to story problems and real life applications at all grade levels. With Common Core as our starting point, we help bring math concepts to life through the use of visual aids, manipulatives in the Primary grades and concept portfolios in the Upper grades.

Performing Arts
Our performing arts class meets weekly to give students confidence in front of big and small audiences. Through drama activities we practice singing, choreography, acting and a little dancing which the students put to use in shows throughout the school year. All students K - 8th take part in serving and performing in our annual musical dinner theater with big shows such as “The Wizard of Oz” or “Peter Pan”. Learning to use a microphone and speak confidently in front of an audience gives students early practice at public speaking, a real world skill they'll use in their further schooling and future career.

Christian Education and Values
At Glendale we believe in imparting Christ-centered values in everything we do - from the way we teach, our partnership with our families (to encourage their spiritual walk and growth), and in the way we discipline to the design of the child. Sharing about God, how He loves us, and has a plan for our lives is naturally woven into daily lessons. We have chapel each Friday to end our week in a time of praise and worship. We also have "Shine" in the lower grades and "Ignite" in the upper grades that specifically helps our students to recognize that each are uniquely created and gifted by God and should be lovingly nurtured and disciplined using biblical principles for value judgment, moral conduct, character, growth, and development. The children enrolled at Glendale Lutheran School attend regardless of their national or ethnic origin, religion, or gender.

Enrichment Zone
Students are provided opportunities throughout the year in our Enrichment Zone. These are clubs such as Cross Country, Basketball, Journalism, Languages (French, Spanish, ASL), Cooking, Art, Origami and more. The Zone offerings change quarterly and topics are driven by student interest and/or special skills of our teachers and parents.