Primary School - Grades 1, 2, 3

Primary School at Glendale Lutheran is designed to challenge students academically while building confidence and a love of learning. Our goal for students in the Primary Grades is to establish a solid foundation in reading and math while making it fun to learn.

Our Primary students don’t sit at desks looking at the same four walls each day. Instead, they rotate through curriculum-based classrooms with their teacher and classmates for a more immersive learning experience. If you poked your head into a Primary classroom, you might see one group of students working on a writing piece at a table and another group on bean bags reading or discussing an assignment.

Overall, we value individual accountability for class work, and we allow students the freedom to decide the order in which to accomplish the work. Math and language lessons are given by teachers in small groups to assure that each student understands and retains the concepts. This allows students to move forward into more challenging work as soon as they are ready.